Screen Mutations

With increased mobility and migration patterns our relationships with our family and friends, are becoming increasingly mediated by our digital devices. Individuals typically choose to adopt video communication in their personal life as a result of relocations. Thus, the most dominant medium of communication is without question the screen. It is of great importance to look at our most familial rituals and see how they are now reinvented and reshaped when experienced through the prism of the screen. The screen is not anymore a window to somewhere else, it is instead the here and now and our physical surroundings are slowly becoming the “other world”. Focusing on the family meal, as the archetypical representation of the united family, and taking a critical and sometimes anecdotal approach to how we now experience and enact family life through the screen, this research will focus on the redesign of the dining ritual to fit with our fragmented on/off self (where on represents the digital and off is the physical experience of our new mediated interactions). The research explores how far we are willing to go in distorting our physical experience to fit with the aesthetics and peculiarities of the screen, as a medium. The exploration results in the proposal of a collection of props that are inspired and conceived by the peculiarities of the medium and will highlight their surreal nature when performed. 


Dutch Design Week 2015_ Graduation Show at the Design Academy Eindhoven


WINNER of LICC London International Creative Competition

Download the press release for "screen mutations" here