Skype Dining set

 How could objects change to fit with the new reality of interacting through the screen? Starting from the case of transnational families that are separated by distance, how can familial rituals, like the family meal, be reinvented to fit with telecommunication routines? 

The design outcome creates the illusion of eating from the same plate, an intimate act that in reality could only be true in the case of physical co-presence.  However, through design we can create the illusion of social presence and enhance the feeling of togetherness. 

Through testing of the prototype and empirical observation and participation in the experiments I believe that there is great potential in designing objects specifically for screen mediated rituals. These can not only enhance the feeling of co-presence but also introduce new aspects of playfulness in the context of screen-mediated  (audio-visual) rituals/interactions. 




Designer, Concept and design developement