#TVclerici: Assistant Curator and Co-editor

DAE #TVclerici is a live TV studio where media is presented in the making. Experimenting with facts and fiction, props and performance, and individual bodies and objects, we create an alternate reality for a world of designed fakery.

 Design Academy Eindhoven students and alumni will present a mashed-up media and design studio at the 2017 Salone del Mobile at Palazzo Clerici in Milan’s city center.
The programme analyzes the role and symbiotic relationship design plays in contemporary media. Participating students reveal this relationship as the product of a carefully designed organization and plan. All our programming—high and low brow—will be a critical take on how this plan privileges and excludes certain social relations; how it exerts forms of soft and hard control, and shapes our sense of history, the present, and the future.
Visitors are invited to move about on set and backstage through a series of digital, analogue and augmented realities. There they enter into a critical world of experiments realized via familiar, albeit manipulated media formats. From headline mashups delivered karaoke style to social media, hashtags, body manipulation and identity development. There will also be sports reporting from the streets of Milan where the Olympic Games of design will be underway. Everything will be filmed live from our set and produced onsite.
From our editing suite, students will be gaming in a Second Life environment designing textures, skins and alter egos. They will scan iconic Design Academy Eindhoven work into virtual objects for sale in the Second Life market place. Skins as a mediator and bodies as advertisement will tread a fictitious path back and forth between real and virtual.

At 2pm each day we will film an episode of “Design Date” a format by Depot Basel, hosted by Matylda Krzykowski. Special guests Jurgen Bey, Ilse Crawford, Marcus Fairs, and Job Smeets will blind interview students for fictitious jobs in their respective studios. Is a TV win more about charm and seduction, or skill and content?

Other segments will deal with celebrity, slow TV, news, and hacking—everything an interweave of fact and fiction, props and performance, bodies and objects.

Hanging as a backdrop to this show is an ongoing conversation about the complicated and interdependent relationship media and design has typically enjoyed. The formats, the artifice, and the systems have worked both ways. Perched upstream is a realization of media’s enormous power and that the frightening limitation of our collective mass communication system is itself a matter of design.